About Us

We aim to do small things with great love to demonstrate care and compassion to mothers with young families across South Australia, who desperately need support.

MumKIND was established in July 2014 with a first-hand understanding of the enormity of motherhood, and the significance of a strong support network, as well as a safe environment for a family to call home.

Motherhood is a mammoth responsibility, the biggest of challenges and the most all-consuming of roles. It takes a whole-lot to raise a child and to be a family/

It began with a single email request to friends asking to gather items from their own homes that could be re-gifted to someone less fortunate. We instantly received nearly 1,000 items of beautifully washed and presented clothing, bedding, blankets, sleeping bags, shoes, hats, nappies, wipes and more; the response was overwhelming. The impact these items were to have on the recipients was one thing but the impact this had on us was equally as enormous.

MumKIND started out as a small gesture of good will. The idea was simple and the outcome was so immediate and impactful.

Since then, with the support of hundreds of individuals and groups and businesses from across South Australia, we have delivered thousands of items to hundreds of families ranging from individual handmade Christmas puddings, thousands of children’s books, hundreds of packs of kitchen equipment essentials, hygiene and personal care products, new underwear, pyjamas and socks. We also create special tailored parcels for specific families if we receive requests from social workers who need our support.

Further to this, we collaborate with other groups and charities to deliver special projects that bring joy and comfort, particularly on special occasions like Christmas, Mother’s Day and Easter. And sometimes, just because kindness is never wasted. Sometimes it’s a small block of chocolate for a sweet treat or lovely coloured nail polish and lipstick.

All donations are carefully planned in collaboration with our partnerships with maternal & child health and social service agencies to deliver meaningful impact to their recipients and all donations go directly to the families that they are designed to support, and each item to someone who specifically needs it.

We are always working, we are always collecting, we are always seeking input and support and we love to build amazing relationships while we do it. As a volunteer-run, not for profit group, we welcome input and support from anyone and everyone.

We are surrounded by wonderful women who want to be part of something powerful, something impactful, intensely rewarding and deeply fulfilling.

We want to be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.