Amanda and Josephine

These incredible women from One Rundle Trading Co. show us the true meaning and power of a girl-gang every day. "We are fortunate at One Rundle Trading Co. to have been blessed with a strong, super supportive family. It is a privilege and pleasure for us to support MumKIND, the wonderful women who are working hard to provide love, care and opportunities to amazing Adelaide Kim Cantor - “My husband has always travelled with work and when my children were born, it wasn’t uncommon for him to be away for lengthy periods of time. The pressure of knowing that I was entirely responsible for keeping these two children alive on my own whilst he was on the other side of the world, was at times incredibly overwhelming. It was the most challenging time in my life, but I was still so fortunate. Fortunate because I knew he was coming home. It made me reflect on those mums that do this, day in, day out, without the relief of knowing that someone was coming home at some point to support them.
I quickly learned that if I was going to survive this parenthood thing, then I was going to need to be able to let my guard down, really lean on others, and ask for help when I needed it. .
My children are now school aged and thriving but I still rely heavily on my incredible network when my husband is away. .
MumKIND allows me to give back the love and support that I was so lucky to have in my most challenging times. .
There are so many women, in so many different circumstances that really, truly need our help, and MumKIND’s number one focus is to do exactly that., who are struggling with challenging times"Thank you for your passion and sincerity Josephine and Amanda - we're lucky to have you with us.#wonderfulwomen #onerundle #mumkind #kindness #womensupportwomen #support #love #charity