Felicity Baj

Felicity Baj is a local interior designer, wife to Roman and Mum to Lachlan, Chloe and Harry.

'I'm in family homes every day, I work with people to create beautiful, dream environments.
I am however, appreciative that some people don't have their own home and/or they barely have the necessities to raise their family.
MumKIND is a wonderful initiative that supports South Australian mums in need.

Being part of this initiative, and being able to create some happiness in the lives of local Mums, giving them a reason to smile, puts a smile on my own face.

I love that MumKIND is about 'the little things' in the big picture.... the bed linen for a child's bed, a block of chocolate for a sweet Mother's Day treat or the bundle of books for a child to open on Christmas Day; these blessings we often take for granted.'