Georgina Jamieson

Georgie is a Mother of 2 boys and Co Founder of MediPedi Foot and Hand Clinics.

“At MediPedi we believe in making people feel good from the ground up, by providing foot and hand care combining both Podiatry & Beauty.

Many of our clients are busy mums juggling many aspects of their lives - work, families and health needs. As a Podiatrist it is wonderful to provide hands on care that keeps our clients pain free and on their feet along with offering a little indulgent ‘me time’ by our team of amazing therapists.

As a working mum, with a travelling husband, I am all too aware of the struggles that we often face to keep it all together, even when I’m fortunate enough to have extended family support.

The simplests acts of kindness throughout a day can make all the difference.

The team at MumKIND has been clever in creating campaigns that work closely with support agencies, adding a layer of support, kindness and care. We are proud at MediPedi to be able to offer 3 locations as drop off points for your donations and support the MumKIND initiative.”