Sophie Doyle

Sophie Doyle is the State Manager SA/WA at Philanthropy Australia and a Director of the Windmill Theatre. She is mother to Adelaide (6), Rupert (5) and Arthur (2) and wife to Ben.

“Over the past 15 years working in marketing and client development at MinterEllison, I've seen the power of relationships. I helped establish the MinterEllison SA/NT Foundation and worked on two not for profit arts Boards; one thing that has stood out to me over these years is the goodwill shown by so many in this state, and the outcomes that can be achieved by rallying like-minded people for a common goal.

I'm passionate about bringing people together to make practical gestures that change lives, so I’m very proud to be a part of MumKIND. We have a committed team, clear goals, a strong set of values and we make a difference to the lives of so many.

We provide practical and meaningful support to mums and their family. We believe that every small act of kindness leads to a greater good and we know that with the support of our friends, family and colleagues, we can achieve so much. As a professional, I see this every day and as a mother, I know that this is one of the most valuable lessons that I can demonstrate to my children.

MumKIND gives us all the opportunity to 'be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people'."