Amity Dry

Amity Dry is a singer, writer, actress and TV personality best known for her appearances on The Block, her musical ‘Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life,’ the top 10 album ‘The Lighthouse’ and most recently her hit Adelaide Fringe show ’39 Forever.’ She is also known for her interior design styling, with images of her Hamptons inspired home shared thousands of times across social media and for winning The Block All Stars series, along with her husband Phil.

Amity is the mum of Jamison (11) and Poppy (6) and is passionate about supporting human rights, struggling families and children in need, giving her time as an ambassador for charities over the years including Youth off the Streets, Good Beginnings, Can Do 4 Kids and Welcome to Australia.

She is proud to join MumKIND as an ambassador, passionately sharing our philosophy of 'mums helping other mums'.

“I have been always been so fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends who support me, both in a practical sense and emotionally, and I would be lost without that help and support. However I am all too aware that not everyone has that kind of support in their lives so I feel very strongly about giving back to those who are not as fortunate. I am thrilled to join MumKIND and work with them to assist fellow SA mums in any way I can and look forward to raising both money and awareness for the issues that affect families within our community."