Chantal Ward

I have followed the meaningful work of MumKIND since its inception in 2014, and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to become involved as an Ambassador.

Last year, my husband Brandon, son Hugo and I relocated from Sydney back to my hometown of Adelaide. After 18 years and so many amazing experiences in my life, I am happy to be living back in Adelaide. Settling my family here has enabled me to spend more time focusing on what is important as a Mum, partner, daughter, and friend along with continuing to demonstrate to my son the values of friendship, kindness and helping others.

My career working with Global hotel chains has seen me travel and work across Australia and the UK in an industry that is about people, connection, and collaboration; all which form the basis of the amazing work that MumKIND does. As a working Mum in leadership, I never underestimate the opportunity that I have to support other women and Mum’s that are managing their busy family life and seeking to find balance whilst also helping them to achieve their personal goals. I have experienced the constant push pull of trying to find work-life balance and be the best Mum possible to Hugo and I know how much pressure I have put on myself in the past to do it all.

It is the support network of other Mum’s and women that I have been able to lean on that has helped my Motherhood journey and I am unbelievably appreciative of the kindness and listening ears of others. I am very aware that not everyone is as lucky and becoming an Ambassador I look forward to being able to contribute and give back to the women that MumKIND continues to help and positively impact. It is the act of doing something meaningful for others that can make such a difference.