Tiff Manuell

Tiff Manuell creates hand-made pieces of art for you to wear, designed to bring colour and happiness to the lives they land in.

Tiff grew her namesake project from a dream to design and develop hand-crafted products incorporating all her passions - painting, sewing, making, and more than anything, working freely with colour with no boundaries.

Tiff fuses her love of painting with her design background, transforming her colourful hand-painted canvases into a range of clutches, accessories and apparel. Each piece is hand-crafted in her studio in Unley, and all are individually numbered to illustrate the unique nature of the process.

"I am so taken by the encouraging and charitable work from the lovely collective that is MumKIND. Meeting Kate has been a total joy for me an an inspiring beginning to what is a natural connection for both of us.

Throughout my time in business my focus has always been creating product that hopefully brings a sense of happiness to girls and women alike who share a love of colour and beauty through art.

I have two teenage daughters who have always inspired me and my team are a gorgeous group of talented strong women, so finding this lovely connection where the focus is on helping women in need and bringing them some joy and happiness is the perfect unity.
There is never a better feeling than doing something kind for another in need".