Get Changed

September 2019 – May 2020

There are thousands of women in South Australia who are facing a range of adverse circumstances whilst raising young children - be it domestic violence, drug & alcohol abuse, generational poverty and / or homelessness.

Many of these women have escaped home with their children and only the clothes on their back. Therefore, they may have lived and slept in this same outfit for days, weeks or months. The truth is that they may have only ever owned the one outfit at a time – and not necessarily one of their choice - and often it’s the same for the children who have never owned anything new, or age-appropriate - let alone suitable for school.

Clothing provides practical benefits of course, but clothing also serves us in other ways; it’s an extension of our personality. It’s a choice most of us get to make each day about how we show up in the world. It brings us joy, gives us confidence and sets us apart in a way that we choose.

We are working with a range of specialists across the state who operate either within the not-for-profit space or the fashion industry - and with a deep appreciation for the emerging movement around 'slow clothes' and 'up-cycling' as well as ethical fashion - and of course local design & manufacturing.

Together we can learn so much and we hope to change some fundamental misunderstandings around up-cycling, donating to, and shopping from charity shops.

The sale of high quality clothing in charity shops is an important revenue source for many charities; with this income, we can support the most marginalised people in our society. These shops are run by volunteers and rely on high-quality donations.

Many of us have beautiful clothes that sit in our wardrobe because we have loved them, but we no longer wear them. Get Changed is about asking for those clothes to be donated so that they can be re-homed. All donations should be of brilliant quality, freshly washed and with no holes or missing buttons.

This campaign will be our major initiative for 2020 but Spring has sprung and it's an ideal time to clean out your wardrobe, so we welcome early donations between now and the end of October.

Further to this, we’re hoping to partner with fashion wholesalers and retailers, and people who work in the fashion industry to seek donations of end-of-season stock.

We are seeking donations of high quality women’s, men’s & children’s clothing, shoes and accessories.

We welcome winter coats, dresses, jumpers, skirts, pants, jeans, hats and boots, and summer dresses, trousers, shorts and sandals - and even special occasion items like evening dresses and dinner suits.

If it’s in brilliant condition, we can find a home for it. All sizes are welcome.

Our official drop off locations are open to you, but please contact us by email ( if you're keen to get involved or can contribute.