The MumKIND Education Fund Est. 2020

In November 2020 the MumKIND Education Fund was established for the benefit of all Catherine House clients.

This important commitment is designed to fund - or partially fund the cost of items or opportunities of an educational or self-development nature which may include the purchase of textbooks, tools or other equipment to assist in the completion of a degree or short course.

Access to these funds requires an application and subsequent approval process by the Catherine House team, and a report will be provided to us each year offering insights to how and when the funds are used. This information provides MumKIND valuable information to assess the value of the MumKIND Education Fund, the demand for these funds and the continuation of the Fund into the future.

It is with great pride that this fund was established and we are deeply appreciative to the individuals, businesses and groups who make financial donations to MumKIND, empowering and enabling us to contribute to the lives of women facing adversity across South Australia.

It is our hope to continue providing this MumKIND Educational Fund to Catherine House clients year on year - and in the fullness of time, we hope to establish numerous perpetual programs, funds and initiatives similar to this so that we are contributing to sustainable efforts to improve the lives and livelihoods of women and children who need this.

The Inaugural MumKIND Education Fund - Catherine House