Agencies we support

We work closely with social service agencies to provide the most practical and meaningful support to the families in their care.

MumKIND has formed partnerships with social service agencies across South Australia – not to replicate the work of these important agencies, but to add a layer of support, care and kindness for the families they support through their programs.

Our role is to work closely with the agencies to best understand what practical items are in desperate need and what will offer the most impact; with this knowledge, we then design our campaigns – with great care and consideration.

The other question we ask is around what these families WANT.

These women and their children need so many essentials, but they also need the restoration of hope. They need to believe in people and in the possibility of a happier future. For some, it’s been years since anyone’s done anything nice for them or spoken a kind word – their self-worth has evaporated and with it their identity. Sometimes it takes a small but thoughtful gesture to start re-building this.

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