Our Campaigns

Throughout the year, we work closely with support agencies throughout South Australia to best understand what practical items will offer the most impact to the families who receive them.

Sometimes these items are essential items like warm clothes, pyjamas or new underwear and sometimes, they're gestures of kindness and generosity including hand creams, colouring in parcels or books.

We run a variety of campaigns throughout the year and welcome your contributions via our network of drop-off locations.

SA Pantry

March – April 2019

SA Pantry is an innovative campaign, with the aim of supplying pantry packages full of immediately useful, non-perishable food produce to benefit South Australian families who lack food security.

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Toys & Teddies for Christmas

September – December 2018

We're so excited to be partnering with the dear Sam and Andrew 'Cosi' Costello for Christmas this year and also we're returning to the KIDDO Markets.

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Warm Toes and Warm Hearts

June – August 2018

This winter, let's warm the toes and hearts of the hundreds of severely disadvantaged mummies and their beautiful children, who deserve the basic human-right of warmth.

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Nice nighties

April – June 2018

‘Nice nighties’ is about more than just buying some nice nighties or pyjamas for women and children, its about taking a moment to be kind, to be generous, to show care, to do something good for someone.

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Summer Essentials

December 2017 – January 2018

For many disadvantaged South Aussies, access to good personal care can be near-impossible. Add to this exposure to the extremities of a South Australian Summer and potentially a lack of shade, shelter and hydration and risks to basic core health become very real, particularly for those facing homelessness.

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Significant Smalls

November – December 2017

Bloomers, smalls, undies, briefs, panties, knickers, intimates or drawers – whatever you call them, we need them...

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Shower with Love

October – November 2017

Give the gift of a hot shower. Help us source items for toiletry bags to be donated to women arriving at crisis accommodation.

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Kitchen Tea

January – May 2017

Mother’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday 14 May 2017... Mums across the country will be lavished with gifts and have a delicious breakfast presented to them, or a nice home-cooked dinner in the evening. But….. too many Mum’s, will go entirely without reward, or celebration & certainly they’ll go without a lovingly prepared home-cooked meal. Some families don’t & cannot produce home-cooked food because they simply don’t have the essentials to do so; they don’t have chopping boards, wooden spoons and mixing bowls etc.

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Brilliant Books

November – December 2016

Reading books is one of the most crucial of ingredients to anyone’s childhood, starting from the second they’re born. It’s part of every child’s night-time routine, or so it should be. Books are not a luxury, they’re a necessity, but kids around us go without these amazing tools. Some children don’t touch their first book until they arrive at school, aged five!

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