Our Mission & Vision

It's our mission to work collaboratively and thoughtfully to positively impact the lives of as many women, girls and children across South Australia who have faced, or are facing adversity – be it homelessness, domestic violence, food insecurity or poverty.

It is our aim to show deep care and to demonstrate kindness in all that we do.

We will show true care. We will show and inspire kindness.

We will advocate for the importance & the undeniable impact of kindness and the many life-long benefits it provides to a person, to a family, to a team and to a community.

We provide meaningful material support to the many disadvantaged girls, women, mothers and children, throughout South Australia.

We intend to create and maintain a sustainable, connected and inclusive South Australian charity that unites people, extends and inspires kindness, encourages collaboration and provides a meaningful layer of support to those who need it.