We aim to show and to inspire kindness to women who are facing a variety of challenges while raising a young family.

MumKIND has formed partnerships with social service agencies across South Australia, to assist and care for disadvantaged mums and their family across our state. We don’t replicate the work of these important agencies, we work closely with them to add a layer of support, kindness and care.

Too many women do not have the safety, security and resources to raise their children the way they would like to and deserve to. Too many women are raising children in difficult circumstances and alone for a variety of reasons; some are escaping domestic violence or drug & alcohol abuse, many are unemployed, disconnected and too many are homeless. Children are put to sleep at night cold, hungry and frightened. These families are uncertain of what tomorrow will bring - they need help. They need care. They need kindness.

Throughout the year we collect a range of material items including clothing, personal care, sanitary items, essential household materials as well as children's books etc. from a wide network of wonderful people, groups and businesses. We collate, package and lovingly distribute these items to the social service agencies who distribute these to the women and children in their care.

Further to this, we collaborate with numerous other local groups and charities who’s vision and mission aligns with ours; we support their initiatives, we spread their word, we roll up our sleeves to help them deliver their service and care. We know the value and the impact that comes from working together and the joy that comes from giving.