We aim to show and to inspire kindness to women who are facing a variety of challenges while raising a young family.

MumKIND has formed partnerships with social service agencies across South Australia, to assist and care for disadvantaged mums and their family across our state. We don’t replicate the work of these important agencies, we work closely with them to add a layer of support, kindness and care.

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What we're doing

Throughout the year we collect a range of material items (including clothing, personal care, sanitary items, essential household materials as well as children's books etc) from a wide network of wonderful people, groups and businesses. We collate, package, and lovingly deliver these items to the social service agencies who distribute these to the women and children in their care.

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April – May 2020

This campaign will officially launch in early 2020 but if you have high quality clothes that you're able to donate from your wardrobe, or if you're a fashion retailer with end-of-season stock that you're able to donate, we'd love to connect with you.

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Brilliant Books 2019

August – December 2019

Reading books is one of the most crucial of ingredients to anyone’s childhood, starting from the second they’re born. It’s part of every child’s night-time routine, or so it should be. Books are not a luxury, they’re a necessity, but kids around us go without these amazing tools. Some children don’t touch their first book until they arrive at school, aged five!

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We want to make it as easy as possible for you to contribute, so we have a wide network of drop off points across South Australia.

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We aim to do small things, but with great love to demonstrate care and compassion to mothers with young families across South Australia, who desperately need support.

MumKIND was established in July 2014 with a first-hand understanding of the enormity of motherhood, and the significance of a strong support network, as well as a safe environment for a family to call home.

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The agencies we support

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