Our aim is to positively impact the lives of the thousands of women across South Australia who are facing extreme and often long-term adversity – be it domestic violence, homelessness, food insecurity and / or poverty - very often whilst raising and protecting their children.

To achieve our goal, we collaborate. We have formed partnerships with social service agencies and non-profit organisations across South Australia. We do not replicate the work of these important agencies - instead, we work closely with them to add a meaningful layer of tailored support and kindness for those who are in their program.

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What we're doing

Throughout the year, we work closely with support agencies and non-profit organisations throughout South Australia. We work closely with them to add a meaningful layer of tailored support and kindness for those who are in their program.

We regularly ask two important questions; firstly, what is it that these women and their children most need? Sometimes these items are essential items like warm clothes, pyjamas or new underwear. Secondly, what is it that they would most like that will bring them some light and joy? Sometimes, it's gestures of kindness and generosity including lipstick, nail polish, hand creams, colouring in parcels or books.

Since 2014, we have delivered more than thirty campaigns & events, we have transformed Transition Housing environments, established the MumKIND Education Fund and contributed to education & employment programs. We have donated 100,000+ material items directly to families in need, we have supported more than 8,000 families and most recently we have enrolled thirty local children in the Playford10 co-curricular programs in Elizabeth.

Every campaign is tailored and unique and we welcome your input and support.

Pathways to Empowerment Bags with The Zahra Foundation

June – July 2024

This winter, we’re partnering with The Zahra Foundation to compile 100 Pathway to Empowerment bags. We’re already well on the way to compiling the bags, thanks to the generous support of Haircare Group, Taboo Period Products and Maine Beach body products. To help complete the packs, we’re asking for your help to donate 100 lipsticks, 100 mascaras, 100 deodorants and 100 lovely personal notebooks.

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Warm Hearts

June – July 2022

With winter well and truly upon us we’re excited to launch our first major campaign in a while (thanks COVID!). ‘Warm Hearts’ is an initiative we’re running through June & July, inviting donations of new nighties, pyjamas, robes and socks for women and children to be delivered to selected drop-off locations throughout Adelaide.

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We want to make it as easy as possible for you to contribute, so we have a wide network of drop off points across South Australia.

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The MumKIND Education Fund Est. 2020

In November 2020 the MumKIND Education Fund was established for the benefit of all Catherine House clients. This important commitment is designed to fund - or partially fund the cost of items or opportunities of an educational or self-development nature which may include the purchase of textbooks, tools or other equipment to assist in the completion of a degree or short course.

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The Gift - Written for Fil Magazine - issue two

I found myself in my mid-thirties, married with two young children. The unanticipated pressure of parenting started to mount. I began consciously leaning into the positive influences from my parents, who intuitively permeated kindness. I remember observing how they shared it with others and how it impacted their world. It was like magic, powerful magic that appeared to lift woes and inspire positivity.

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We aim to do small things, but with great love to demonstrate care and compassion to mothers with young families across South Australia, who desperately need support.

MumKIND was established in July 2014 with a first-hand understanding of the enormity of motherhood, and the significance of a strong support network, as well as a safe environment for a family to call home.

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