Dinah Crowe

Dinah Crowe is Mum to Charlie 8, Cooper 6, and Max 4 and wife to Jezac. Dinah is also the owner and Director of @Stirring_the_pot , renown food presenter and developer of scrummy recipes. She has a passion for wholesome, home-cooked, soulful food, and a focus on healthy options for her family, friends and clients alike.

"My involvement with @Mumkind started with a text message from a mutual friend suggesting I caught up with Katie. Straight away I jumped onto social to have a look what this was all about and immediately it clicked - I had to be a part of this in some way, shape or form!

With three gorgeous, healthy boys and an ever so supportive husband it’s easy to get swept up in our busy lives and forget about the thousands of people out there that don't have it as easy as us. I can be having the crappiest of days and just by helping an older person cross the road, or taking a cooked meal to a friend who may be having a tough week just completely fills me with happiness.

Katie and I met and completely hit it off and I was totally swept up in her passion for helping others. Our brainstorming was off the charts for a 30 minute catch up so I can’t wait for us to do this over a bubbles.. sky is the limit I am sure!! Haha

Being a brand Ambassador for MumKIND means so much, but three things really stand out:

ONE: Helping others, educating others in life skills that come easily to me such as cooking is an obvious one. If I can play a small part in showing them how to nourish and feed their families healthy, cost effective meals this would be just massive.

TWO: After suffering from PND with all 3 of my boys I know what it is like to struggle..... and this is with a supportive, loving network around me. I can't even begin to imagine how some mums must feel with no support at all. If I can somehow help with making them feel less alone in their problems and open up that communication process, then we are stepping in the right direction.

THREE - to teach and show my boys that amazing things come from helping others is a powerful thing and I truly believe if we all join together we can achieve those ideas we thought could only be dreams.

I’m proud to be a MumKIND ambassador and I look forward to achieving great things with the MumKIND team”