Sophie Paterson

Sophie Paterson is a senior student at Walford Anglican school for Girls.

I am so lucky to constantly be in a safe and welcoming environment, and be surrounded by empowering women who always want the best for me. I have an amazing and supportive family, and many friends who I am so grateful for, and people that I can always rely on.

Many of the women and children that MumKIND assists have not had the same opportunities and support in their lives. Being involved in MumKIND presents me with the opportunity to give back to those women and children who are less fortunate.

I have already met awesome women through MumKIND, and I am looking forward to continuing to help and grow more with the charity into the future. Everyone has something they can contribute: either a dollar, a piece of clothing, or an hour of their time to support a worthy cause. It doesn’t take much from you, but the people that receive assistance are eternally grateful. If anyone is ever on the fence and cannot decide if they are interested in getting involved, the answer should always be yes!"