Education and Employment Program supporting to clients at Catherine House

May 2022

In 2020, with your support we were honoured to support the Catherine House Education and Employment Program.

Catherine House delivers two accredited and two non-accredited Adult Community Education courses which are supported by Tafe SA. The success and availability of the programs rely solely on the ongoing support from the government through grants and support from the local community.

The two accredited courses offered by Catherine House are “Live your best life” and ‘My Life, My Future.” All women who enrol in the courses are provided an Education and Employment Pathway Program and are offered individual and group mentoring by an Education Coach.

The courses focus on obtaining confidence and pathways to rediscover their passions and dreams, take on further study and the confidence to seek employment. The courses focus on obtaining workplace soft skills, assertiveness and problem solving, communication, healthy relationships and career planning for women who have experienced homelessness.

The impact made through these initiatives is endless - it will be with us - and the recipients forever and to everyone who ever supported MumKIND - this is with you too. Every contribution makes a difference. Thank you.