Playford 10

May 2024

Ten years, is a pivotal age for children in disadvantaged communities. Research* shows that a child’s future success can be significantly impacted by engaging in sport, arts and volunteering through co-curricular activities at age ten.

The Playford 10 program has been developed to specifically address this. 270 children in years 4/5 at Category 1 primary schools in Elizabeth are currently participating in activities such as tennis, cheer leading and circus skills to develop their communication, team work and problem solving skills; and to improve the development of trusted relationships with role models.

After the success of the 12 month Playford 10 pilot program, MumKIND is delighted to be supporting the extension of this program into 2021/22.

This will enable 30 children to enrol in local club sport programs and activities.

MumKIND’S support will cover enrolment fees and equipment for those kids who have thrived in the Playford 10 program. These children and their families have nominated themselves to take their co-curricular activities to the next level and compete in local club sports teams.

The first stage of this program has already seen increased engagement and attendance at school and improved behavioural outcomes in class and at home.

We look forward to reporting back to you the impacts of the program as these children develop and grow.

*Report: ‘Playford Youth - A New Story’, By Dr Ali Elder and Dr Catherine Earl