Significant Smalls

November – December 2017


When a woman arrives at the @womenssafetyservicessa facilities, seeking shelter from crisis, one of the first things that they request is a shower and fresh underwear. These women have often escaped domestic violence and may have been sleeping rough for days, weeks or months.

MumKIND is thrilled to be working with the phenomenal team who run WSSSA and we aim to collect hundreds of pairs of smalls, be it undies and bras of all sizes, shapes, colours and brands, to bolster their care of SA women who are in great need of our care and support.

We are aiming high, as always and hope you’ll support us. Undies and bras can be purchased from so many places and are often found on special in supermarkets or major department stores as well as discount shopping outlets.


We have collected, collated and packaged up nearly 3,000 'smalls' (undies and bras) in all sizes, shapes and colours.

It was an enormous thrill to deliver these to the wonderful team at @womenssafetyservicessa who will distribute these to hundreds of women in the weeks and months to come. These small parcels may not change someone's whole life but we know they'll offer a gesture of care and kindness and they'll provide a fresh start for a new chapter.