Warm Hearts

June – July 2022

With winter well and truly upon us we’re excited to launch our first major campaign in a while (thanks COVID!).

‘Warm Hearts’ is an initiative we’re running through June & July, inviting donations of new nighties, pyjamas, robes and socks for women and children to be delivered to selected drop-off locations throughout Adelaide.

‘Warm Hearts’ is about more than just buying some nice pyjamas, it’s about taking a moment to be kind, to be generous, to show care and to do something good for someone else.

The past two years have been tough for us all, but for women living in abusive or coercive relationships, being locked down with your partner was traumatic and sometimes fatal.

The statistics are frightening:

  • Over 50% of women said domestic violence increased at the start of the pandemic*
  • One in 12 women living with a partner in Australia experienced physical violence when the pandemic started*

“The pandemic [provided] the perfect conditions for perpetrators of violence and abuse in the home”, says Hayley Foster, the chief executive of Full Stop Australia — an organisation that supports domestic and family violence victims.

Loss of work and income as well as childcare pressures caused by the pandemic have disproportionately affected women and fed into the conditions that led to abuse.

Safety, protection, stability and a chance for a better future are reasons thousands of women turn to crisis facilities every day across Australia. Now more than ever these women and their children need to know we care.

With a broken heart these women may have escaped abuse or homelessness (or both) and they need so much assistance in order to establish a future for themselves. Upon arrival, they are provided with a roof over their head, access to shower and a bed, often they bring nothing with them but their children and the clothes they all wear. A bath or shower offers emotional and physical relief and a clean, dry, safe place to sleep is vital for restoration. The privilege of a change of clothes, or separate clothes in which to sleep is not one these women and children may have had. As simple as it appears, it’s more than just pyjamas; it’s something personal to put onto their body, it’s clean, soft and it’s just for them. When it comes with trucks, dinosaurs, fairies and unicorns, it’s also exciting and rewarding.

Throughout June & July, please help us collect (new) nighties, pyjamas, robes & socks of all sizes, shapes, colours and brands ready for the cold winter nights. Nighties, PJ’s, robes & socks for women and kids are often found on special in supermarkets or major department stores. And we have drop-off locations ready to receive your donations – these include; KX Pilates, Medi Pedi, One Rundle Trading – check out our website for the full list. #warmhearts #kindness #mumkind

*(source: Australian Institute of Criminology - online survey of 15,000 women on May 6, 2020, asked about domestic violence in the last three months).